Slow Me Down Official Music Video

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  1. jennifer paschal


  2. Bill Scheible

    Sara Evans is one of my favorite singers, male or female (plus she is a fellow Missourian). The first time I heard her voice on the radio, she sold me on her voice. She still captures my attention anytime I hear her voice. “Slow Me Down”, is one of my favorites now. Great job…keep them coming Sara.

  3. Derek Peterson

    While I’m sure Sara will never read this I feel compelled to send this. This last Friday my wife and I had the privilege of seeing Sara in concert in Wendover Nevada. I have been a fan of Sara’s from the beginning and I am renewed! Her voice is AMAZING to say the least! I knew she was talented but I had no idea she has that much depth in her voice! While I’m sure Wendover is not her ideal venue to perform it’s a wonderful, intimate place to enjoy a concert. I was perplexed by the age of the crowd but it did not distract from the amazing show Sara put on. I have a request, my friend and battle buddy was found dead in his home Sunday from a massive heart attack. We both attended Fort Leonardwood Mo., for boot camp/combat engineer training in the US Army. Would there be any chance of having Sara sing at his graveside services this week? Loni was a good man challenged by life at every turn. For instance, he buried his only son four years back and had struggled with his death since. i know she must get requests like this all the time, life happens. All I can do grieve and ask. Again, thank you Sara for a beautiful concert you ROCKED the house!!


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